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Take Me Away... [Tuesday
May 31st, 2005]

01What are you requesting?: A Layout
02Size: You decide
03Background color: #000000
04Text color: #FF0099
05Font: Terminal
06Extras: Anything that will add to the layout and make it cute...just not too much
07Colors of extras: A pinkish color
08Effect: Doesn't matter
09Example: none
10Description:I just want a cute layout with the picture I provided
11Pictures: http://img119.echo.cx/img119/1944/balancebykittynn8vt.jpg
12Maker: Preferably _babiixd0ll but anyone can make it
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dream a dream ;D [Tuesday
May 24th, 2005]

01What are you requesting?: banner
02Size: 450 X 300
03Background color: white
04Text color: qold
05Font: somethinq similar to the header of the community's layout
06Extras:( swirlies, spikes, etc.) swirlies
07Colors of extras: qold and or silver or any color that miqht blend in with the pictures
10Description: Can the banner say Giselle and Gustavo January 21, 2005 in the font similar to the community's layout in the color qold or a color that miqht blend in with the picture?
11Pictures: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/IadiisOounEek04/56866b3b.jpg
12Maker: Anyone who is willinq to do it please ;D

Thank you oh so much ;D
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November 21st, 2004]

Ok everybody we are starting from scratch again !

That means...

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